- more than just a game -

- Walkthrough guide -

This Guide Does NOT Represent The Entire Content Of The Game

Guide is updated for alpha 0.7 Ren'Py release

(skippable char's/loc's are not considered!)
(hidden quests are not considered)
(shower scenes are
not considered)
(door events are not considered)
(collectable's are not considered)
(camera locations are not considered)
(puzzles are
not considered)
(supporter version gimmicks are
not considered)

(this game has a liniar main story line and the "
? " over the locations
will guide you the way in case you don't know where to continue)

Please note:
- Only hunting for the question marks will not give you the full experience!

Old save game files:
- For the case that you load an old save game, it's possible that you'll
miss out on content added for days that have already passed

- The full game and all content is free to play available!

If you want to avoid searching around:
"A complete solution for all events and personal support
is possible through a Subscribestar membership!"
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(Day 0)

Intro cinematic (trainride)
- Go home
- Enter Living room (door on the left)
- Talk to Dayna about the journey
- Leave living room
- Go to your room
- Interact with your bed
- Remember where the sheets are or not
if remembered:
- Go back to the second floor
- grab the sheets from the cabinet
if not:
- Interact with bathroom door
- Talk to Dayna about your bed
- Try to peek inside
- Interact with the cabinet in front on second floor
- Grab bed sheet
- Go to your room
- Interact with the bed
- Interact with the window in your room
- Visit shed
- Collect the box on the table
- Go back home
(Rebecca will be introduced)
- Talk to Dayna about:
Shed, Rebecca & Box
- Enter the kitchen
- Go to your room
- Interact with the bed and sleep

(Day 0 ends)
(Day 1 starts)

- Talk to Dayna in living room
- Go to your room
- Interact with the boxes front right side
- Go to Rebecca and talk to her
- Enter the shopping center
- Enter toolpoint
- Talk about Rebecca's spare part
- Talk about nails
- Enter OLP Bank
- Talk to Ms Mrick
- Enter shopping center/Toolpoint
- Buy Nails
- Buy drill attachment
- Go to Rebecca / interact with her
- Go to Larissa
- Go home and talk to Dayna in living room
- Go to your room
- Interact with the marked area on the wall
- Enter bathroom
- Grab the dustpen set
- Enter Dayna's bedroom
- Interact with the dust on the floor
- Go to kitchen
- Go to shed
- Enter your room and pick up the allen key from the boxes
- Go back into shed
- Build the folded table or give Dayna the allen key
- Talk to Dayna
- Enter home
- Enter Kitchen and grab glasses from the cabinet near the sink
- Enter living room and interact with Dayna & Larissa
- Go to Violet's Rise Bar
- Play until you can choose or girl or keep drinking
- If you choose a girl enter VRB second floor

(Day 1 ends)
(Day 2 starts)

- Wake up in Joanne's garden
- Go to Rebecca
- Go home
- Enter entry area
- Enter shed
- Talk with Dayna
- Go to police and talk to Officer Jones
- Go to Rebecca
- Enter Rebecca's garden
- Go to police
- Talk to Officer Jones
- Start the interview
- Go home
- Enter Dayna's bedroom

(Day 2 ends)
(Day 3 starts)

- Enter kitchen
- Go to second floor
- Interact with Open bathroom door
- Go to Dayna's bedroom
- Pick up Larissa's bag
- Leave Dayna's bedroom
- Interact again with open bathroom door
- Enter Police
- Talk to Danilo (multiple)
- Talk to Officer Jones
- Ask to visit Ms Mrick
- Ask Officer Jones about Ms Mricks keys
- Visit Bank (cutscene)
- Solve door lock puzzle
- Enter Ms Mricks office
- Enter the desk
- Interact with the middle drawer left side
- Grab the documents
- Visit Police
- Submit documents
- Ask Jones the additional option about the ranch
- Go to Joanne (ring door)
- participate or not
- Go to Juliet (ring door)
- Use the "northside bus station to travel to the eastside
- Go to the Ranch
- Interact with "Woman" (Nancy)
- Enter Clubhouse (building on the right at the ranch)
- Interact with the "changeroom door"
- Enter the changeroom
- Use the bus station to travel back to the northside
- Go to Danilo's boat and interact with Danilo sitting on the pier
- Little "thinking mini game" via dialog
- Convince Danilo "unfriendly" or "devious" (as you like)
- participate or not
- Visit Rebecca (ring door)
- Enter her garage
- Pick up the flashlight
(required to unlock Ranch & Forest house at night)
- Visit Danilo's boat (ring door)
- Go home and sleep

(Day 3 ends)
(Day 4 starts)

- Go to Larissa's backyard
- wait for her or meet up later

if you waited:
- Continue the main quest line
- Go to Joanne and start the side quest via door bell
- Go to Police and visit Ms Mrick

if you meet up later:
- Go to Joanne and start the side quest via door bell
- Go to Police and visit Ms Mrick
- Go to Violet and continue the already started main quest line

- Enter shed
- Go to bed and sleep (save before, it will end the version)