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Violet's Rise Bar

Violet's Rise Bar is the new Bar in town.
Dayna mentioned the opening before and
the main character wants to visit the new bar now.

- "Violet's Rise Bar" is a necessary task to continue
- Quest is available since alpha 0.4

- Quest before: Visit aunt Larissa

- Day 1
- Violet's Rise Bar

- Visit Violet's Rise Bar after you brought home Larissa
- Interact with the stool on the left handed side, in front of Caroline
- Interact with Caroline after you have sit down
- Interact again and order the card
- Choose a girl
- Leave the stool (button below)
- Enter the exit to the second floor (back right)

You won't be able to continue playing, until you play,
this kind of "tutorial", with the card and VRB girls.
This quest line also ends day 1 and automatically starts day 2.

- Violet's Rise Bar, second floor