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Home invitation

After main character helped Rebecca, to repair her garage door,
she invites the main character over for a coffee, out of gratitude.

- "Home invitation" is an optional quest
- It is a necessary task, to continue with Rebecca
- Quest is available since alpha 0.4

- Day 2
- Quest before:
Garage repair, Joanne opening
- Remote control for Rebecca's garage

- Continues automatically, as soon as Garage repair is done

(After leaving Joanne for the first time)

- Visit Rebecca's house

  1. possibility
    - Enter Rebecca's garage before doing anything
    (this will trigger: "little hidden spots" - additional Rebecca quest)
    - after leaving the garage, enter the garden area, in front of Rebecca's house

  2. possibility
    - directly enter the garden area in front of Rebecca's house
    (this returns the remote control back to Rebecca)

(after the cutscene/dialogue)
- enter backyard of Rebecca's house (additional image)
- leave her alone for now

(progress with main story, but remain in Day 2)

- Visit Rebecca's house
- Enter Rebecca's backyard

- It's importent, that there is bit of a time shift, until
the quest is continueable, on the same day.


- Rebecca's bathroom