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Banking secrets

Ms Mrick wants to have a kind of closer
relationship with the main character.
Whether he wants to or not.

- "Banking secrets" is an hidden and optional quest
- Quest is available since alpha 0.4


- Day 2

- Day 2
- OLP Bank, Customer hall

- Enter the OLP Bank on day 2
- It automatically triggers the quest

  • Opening:
    - Interaction with Ms Mrick in the customer hall
  • Continues:
    - Follow Ms Mrick in her office

You only could avoid/skip this quest, when you not visit the OLP Bank on day 2.
If you visit the bank and the quest is triggered, you are forced to continue,
if not, Ms Mrick will lock your bank account and your card will be unusable.

This feature isn't working that perfect currently, due to the missing money-system integration.
Just play it, if you visit the OLP Bank, to avoid further bugs/dead ends.

- OLP Bank, customer hall